Pit Bulls Aren’t a Public Health Threat. Here’s Why.

By The Bark, March 2018

While dogs are considered man’s best friend, people are split on whether Pit Bulls are problematic and prone to violence or victims of unwarranted and damaging stereotypes. Here we explore both sides of the Pit Bull argument.

While a harsh stigma surrounds pit bulls, it is important to recognize that some of its reputation is rooted in misunderstanding and misrepresentation.

Contrary to preconceived notion, no pit bull type breed even broaches the top five of unruly dogs based on American Temperament Test Society (ATTS) standards :

Chow Chow
Doberman Pinscher

Pit bull prejudice is often based in stigma and shaky information — in reality, like all dogs, pit bulls are perfectly safe given proper care, treatment, and responsible ownership.

Source: Pit Bulls Aren’t a Public Health Threat by Online Masters in Public Health