Poem: Enchanted

By Michele Britton Birkenshaw, November 2018
Photo by Krystian Bęben from Pexels

Photo by Krystian Bęben from Pexels

The giant with
a wide engaging smile,
beckons me to play.
Unbridled vigor, a fence encircles me,
darting, cavorting, rough, relentless.
Our banter explodes, we harmonize;
screeching, laughing,
enduring this brutal sport.
Weary now, I slow the game,
then cease.
The panting titan retains his grin,
now a half smile
with still-teasing eyes.
Side-by-side my gallant victor
leans into me,
quietly conceding my need to rest.

Article first appeared in The Bark, Issue 92: Winter 2017