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Pop Goes the Dog II

“It was mine before I met you,” sings Brent Best about the dog who’s the unwitting rope in a breakup tug-of-war.


“I remember writing it in my head while I was mowing my parent’s lot in Lucas, Texas,” Best says. “We had recently lost our family dog. Scooter was an old Dachshund and thought he was much bigger than he was. One night, he went after some coyotes. They made short work of him. I’d also been through a really bad breakup, so somehow, it all meshed together as one thing. The dog ended up representing all the things that you have in place before you enter a relationship, and then you don’t have in place when things go wrong.”


The song, one of the now-defunct Slobberbone’s most popular, grabbed the ear of novelist Stephen King, who name-checked it in Black House, and later called it one of the “three greatest rock ‘n’ roll songs of all time.” (The group took their name from a doggie chew toy.)


Best, who now fronts alt-country band The Drams, recalls, “A friend once said, ‘This will be the song that will end up driving you mad because people will want to hear it all the time.’ And he was right.”



Composed by China Forbes and Thomas Lauderdale

Recorded by Pink Martini

Released 2004


Girl and boy dog pass on the street. Eyes meet. Hearts and tails flutter. They go their separate ways, and boy dog is stricken forever. That’s the story in this playful salsa number.


Singer China Forbes says, “Lilly was inspired by my dog Foxy, and the male suitor was inspired by Thomas’s dog Heinz. Basically, they had this really cute flirtation. Foxy is a Corgi/Papillon mix, so she looks like a little red fox. Heinz is this enormous yellow Lab mixed with St. Bernard. He had one of those enormous bones that was bigger than Foxy’s entire body. But Foxy would always get it away from him immediately when she came to visit, then totally terrorize him. So she became this femme fatale every time she saw Heinz, and had him wrapped around her tiny paw.”


Forbes and Lauderdale thought their song was “a jokey little throwaway,” but their producer convinced them to put it on their Hang On Little Tomato album. “It’s become really popular with the fans,” says Forbes, adding with a laugh, “especially our fans who are under 12.”


The Dog Song

Composed by Nellie McKay

Performed by Nellie McKay

Released 2004


McKay’s childhood dog Joey inspired her jaunty sing-along tune.


“I named him after Joey Buttafuoco,” the Brooklyn-based songstress and animal activist reveals. “It just seemed to fit. He was a mix of all kinds of crazy and contrary breeds. And he was my brother. I always remember how he wore his scarves, and he would jump like a deer when he was chasing a stick. He was the best dog.”


But not the best audience, even for songs written in his honor. “Joey always hated my music,” she sighs. “He’d put his paws over ears and start yelping.” Fortunately, McKay’s fans have had a much more positive response to her signature tune.


Bill DeMain is a freelance writer and muscian based in Nashville, Tenn. He's contributed to Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide, MOJO and Eldr and is also one-half of the acclaimed pop duo Swan Dive. His favorite song is "Me and My Arrow" by Harry Nilsson. swandive.org

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