Porchie: Cover Dog

Though Porchie now calls New England home, he started life as a Southern gentleman. This mixed-breed Hound originally hailed from Waveland, Miss., a small town that was almost literally wiped off the map by Hurricane Katrina. After the hurricane, Bev and Andy Trushaw—she a vet tech and he a police sergeant from Florence, Mass.—spent time as HSUS volunteers at the Hattiesburg, Miss., shelter, where they met Porchie. Taken with his calm demeanor and unique looks, they put their name on a list of potential adopters.

Time passed; Porchie went off to Atlanta to be fostered and the Trushaws went back to Florence, not expecting to see him again. Then, a month after they left Mississippi, the couple made another trip south to pick up their boy and bring him home.

Like many Katrina dogs, Porchie had some health issues, which have since cleared up, and he’s now in fine form, an easy-going, happy dog who gets along with everyone, both two- and four-legged. As Andy rightfully observes, Porchie “is the face of hope, for all the dogs who lost their people and yet ended up in a good place.”


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Article first appeared in The Bark, Issue 50: Sept/Oct 2008

 Photograph by Amanda Jones