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Prefab Dog House
New look for traditional digs
Betty, Valalik

Prefab houses that blend high-end design and affordability are all the rage, and soon, dogs will be able to enjoy chic digs as well, thanks to Seattle designer and user-experience expert Jason Valalik, who’s developing a line of stylish prefab doghouses. Initially, he anticipates selling the finished designs as DIY plans, though at some point, he may also provide kits (think Ikea).

Combining his love of modern design and his professional user-friendly mentality, Valalik is working on prototype that would fit comfortably on the pages of Dwell. The framing is made from Oriented Strand Board, and the exterior is covered with painted cement board and IPÊ (eePay), an environmentally responsible wood that naturally resists rot, decay, insects and mold without the use of toxic chemicals. The corrugated metal roof’s lengthy overhang helps prevent rain and snow from blowing inside as well as providing shade. The house is being designed to be suitable for all climates.

User-centric to the core, Valalik is eager to hear other ideas as he refines his design. Get in on the action—visit jasonvalalik.com and leave a comment or make a suggestion. Who knows? It may make its way into the final product.




Susan Tasaki is a The Bark contributing editor.

Photo courtesy of Jason Valalik

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