Preparing For The “Dog Days” Of Summer

By The Bark Editors, June 2019, Updated June 2021

We all look forward to the “dog days of summer” with the good things that it brings, like longer, warmer days and getting out more with our dogs and enjoying the great outdoors. But summertime also means a lot more of the “outside” can found in the “inside” especially if you have furry family members tracking it in—thus keeping up with housecleaning tasks all the more challenging. Fur balls multiply with the warmer shedding season, and paw print stains brought in from the yard can quickly overwhelm the best of our intentions.

Maintaining a clean home is important for controlling household allergens too. Dust mites, the most common trigger of asthma and other allergy symptoms, accumulate in the dust. So, it’s important to rid dust not by scattering it, but by using products such as the Swiffer Sweeper and its cleaning pads available at Sam’s Club that are treated to attract dust, and cling to it. Our pets too, who are nearer to the floor, are not immune from the allergens that can be found there, so keeping our homes clean is healthier for both us and our dogs.

Swiffer Dusters

Dust just doesn’t land on the floors. It can be found everywhere in the house, so it is important to use a product like Swiffer Dusters to trap it with thousands of fluffy fibers equipped with  Dust Lock Adhesive™. These little magic fibers lock in 2X more dust than the standard feather duster.

Swiffer Sweeper Dry Pads

Fight the dirt and debris that our dear dogs (and people!) track into our homes. Swiffer Sweeper Dry Pads have thick grooves and ridges that make picking up pet dander, dust and dirt a breeze. You can even use it without the Swiffer Sweeper to capture dust on the go.


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Swiffer Wet Mopping Cloths

Grime and dirty paw prints have met their match with these wet mopping cloths that trap and lock in dirt deep into the cloth. So you aren’t spreading dirt around, you are trapping it instead. They make pet accidents (yes, even well-behaved dogs have those, too) simple to clean up.

So, stock up on Swiffer products today at your local Sam’s Club or so you’re prepared for the shedding, spills and thrills that can come with summertime fun. PLUS enter our Summer Sweepstakes for a chance to win a $200 Sam’s Club gift card, a Sam’s Club membership and a suite of Swiffer products to get you started on cleaning away those “dog days” that mess up your house. Click for details.