Preview: Sep/Oct # 61

Bark 61

Home, as we all know, is where the dogs are. Nothing brought that more to light than Hurricane Katrina, whose five-year remembrance is being marked this year; go online to read award-winning Katrina stories from the pages of Bark. In this issue, we examine the idea of “home” from many angles, including home delivery of professional services and home-insurance companies’ breed restrictions. We look at the challenging and, need I add, depressing, topic of animal hoarders: those who, with good if misguided intentions, do irreparable harm to the animals they take in. And let us not forget homecomings: U.S. soldiers on a relief mission in Haiti fall for a stray pup, a hunter in Hawaii takes in a stray (who perhaps wasn’t) and — in the second of our three fiction-contest-finalist stories — a man without a home rejoices when a dog finds one.

We’re also pleased to offer you an excerpt from Gail Caldwell’s new must-read memoir, Let’s Take the Long Way Home, in which she shares the story of her abiding friendship with Pack of Two author Caroline Knapp. Our endpiece showcases LA Times columnist Meghan Daum’s peripatetic life and search for that perfect house, not just for herself, but for her dog Rex as well. Reader-inspired DIY home-design projects, editors’ picks of cutting-edge products and “at home” photographic portraits round out our take on things domestic.

Have you ever wondered if your dog could make it into the Ivy League, or the movies? Amy Sutherland’s Penny Jane, a “certified” Harvard dog, and Lorraine Goodman’s feature-film-appearing Tiger show you how two dogs did it. In the latest installments from our behavior mavens, Patricia McConnell tells us what to do when pats and praise aren’t the positive reinforcements we think they are, and Karen London gives us 10 ways to increase our dogs’ happiness quotient. Finally, we get a sneak peak at a new book assembled by Cameron Woo, our publisher and art director, titled Photobooth Dogs. Published in October by Chronicle Books, this charming collection of photobooth photos celebrates the age-old bond between canines and their people.

Check out our video of cover dog Bentley, plus see all of our Web Exclusives!

Article first appeared in The Bark, Issue 61: Sept/Oct 2010