Puppies Get a Second Chance After Being Rescued From a Vehicle Fire

By Kelsey Dickerson, March 2020, Updated March 2021

Photos by Arizona Humane Society

It was late January when the Mesa Fire Department in Arizona rescued two Shar Pei puppies from a car that crashed and caught fire. According to news reports, the crash happened at gas station just before midnight on January 29. After losing control and slamming into one of the pumps, the driver fled, leaving the two pups alone in the burning vehicle.

Mesa Fire Department was able to rescue the two puppies and put out the fire. After the rescue, Mesa Police seized the two dogs who were transferred to an overnight clinic before being sent to the Arizona Humane Society's Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™ for further evaluation.

AHS’ Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™ and Cruelty Investigators performed more than 7,700 cruelty investigations last year. Almost 12,000 animals a year receive medical care and treatment in AHS’ Trauma Hospital.

Fortunately, both pups just had a couple of minor scabs on their paws, but were held under protective custody until the court released to AHS. The puppies, both 4-month-old females were named Puddles and Cuddles.


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Both girls have since been adopted, Cuddles now lives with two other canine siblings and Puddles now resides in Phoenix.

The case is currently ongoing through the Mesa Police Department.

Photos by Arizona Humane Society