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Rudy, Lacey, Sammi, and Sugar
Living with blind and/or deaf dogs.
Rudy, Lacey, Sammi and Sugar


Rudy came to me blind, partially deaf, heartworm-positive and with bird shot on his right side. Today he’s completely healthy, though he still can’t see or hear much. He is a lover boy and brings joy to all who meet him.
—Jenny Edwards
Lacey was born blind but most of the time, you’d never know she can’t see. She lives life to the fullest and is eager to try new things and explore new places. Tom, Lacey’s dad, often takes her out in the yard, where they find a shady spot to lay in the grass. She takes advantage by sniffing and snorting and probing with her nose all over his face. A few weeks ago Tom got new glasses; Lacey was exploring his face, then suddenly stopped when she encountered the glasses. She sniffed, licked then very gently put her paw on them—almost as if she was saying “Hey...what’s this?” A blind dog helps you see the world differently, and Lacey’s definitely changed our way of seeing.
—Pat & Tom Zachman
Sammi was our 13th rescue and our first foster “failure.” She came into Safe Harbor Lab Rescueas a stray with advanced glaucoma and a raging ear infection and was heartworm positive. After we fostered her through eye surgery—and slept on the floor with her so she wouldn’t try to go up and down the stairs—we couldn’t give her up. Sammi doesn’t know she’s blind!
—Sherri & Troy Paulsen
Sugar, a mini American Eskimo rescue, may not be able to see, but that doesn’t stop her from romping with her housemate Beau; in fact, she’s the first dog Beau didn’t growl at—he must’ve known she was special. Sugar’s a real “daddy’s girl,” though at first, my husband was a little anxious about adopting a blind dog.
—Carmen Rodriguez



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