Issue 38: Sep/Oct 2006

Out of the doghouse and into our house! Bark’s September issue celebrates Dog @ Home. Catching the DIY craze, we show you how to stitch up jeans to make a bed to pant over—plus other nifty projects to inspire the do-it-yourselfer. We share tips on turning your home “Green” and eco-friendly—you and your dogs deserve it! We take on the obstacle-course challenges faced by small dogs living in our big world.

Viggo Mortensen (yes, that Viggo) contributes a stirring tribute to his dog, Brigit. Are you surprised that this gifted actor is also a fine writer, talented photographer and dog lover? We weren’t.

Do our dogs truly love us? Experts weigh in—Patricia McConnell explores love at both ends of the leash and Jonathan Balcombe looks at pleasure in the animal kingdom. Mark Derr, our science editor, examines canine domestication, taking a look at the various theories swirling around just when and how wolves left their packs and joined ours.

We’ll introduce you to truffle-hunting dogs, the first of their peers in the US. Are the new “bottled waters” right for your dog? Is primetime ready for a canine Elvis? And go beyond obedience with 10 classes you and your pal will enjoy. All this, plus, more fun contests and the winners from our favorite Smiling Dog entries, are revealed in the September issue. See what makes Bark the indispensable guide to life with dogs.


Sniffing Around Truffle dogs are learning the trade in new orchards across the country. By Jill Hunting
Love Story Exploring the meaning and nature of love, both in dogs and our love for them. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
The Wolf Who Stayed Domestication as a complex and dynamic process By Mark Derr

Viggo Mortensen His reflections on saying farewell to an old friend in words and photographs.

Eco Home Making green choices for a healthier home, from the floor up! By Claudia Kawczynska
Home Obstacle Course Minimizing home dangers for small dogs. By Mitchel Martin
DIY: Denim Dog Bed Stitching a bed to pant about.
DIY: Pagoda Palace Building stylish digs.
DIY: Pet Place Mats Easy-to-make, pup photo project.
Products for the dog-friendly home: a compendium from ortho beds to nifty bowls.

Puppy Lust Sating the urge away from home By Susan Strempek Shea
Postcard from France In Dog Days the author experiences France through her dog’s eyes. By Lee Harrington

Shelter Dogs Dramatic and compelling dog portraits Photographs by Traer Scott
Puppy Love In conversation with sculptor Scott Fife about his really big work. By Cameron Woo

[Health] Seizures: Requiring Early Treatment By Sophia Yin, DVM
[ER] DoveLewis' amazing animal ER sets the bar high. By Lisa Wogan
[In Conversation] Jonathan Balcombe Ponders pleasure in the animal world. By Lisa Wogan
[Dog Nation] Central Park PAWS working to make Central Park dog-friendly. By Lee Harrington
[Medical Research] Batten Disease working on a cure brings together two communities. By Ketzel Levine
[Q&A] Nancy Drescel, DVM: Towards understanding canine phobias. Interviewed by Karen London, PhD
[Consumer Review ] Waters: Are the new drinks right for your dog? By Julia Kamysz Lane
[Endpiece] Wolf Talk By Rebecca Wallick

10 Classes: For you and your dog to enjoy together By Karen London, PhD
Contests Galore Write a Caption; Win a Dream Job; Nominate a Muddy Buddy; Tickle My Funny Bone.            
Because They Have No Words: A new play about Katrina’s animals.            
Poker-Playing Yorkie
Shakespearean Dog
Capping it Off: Saluting a brewer with a great cause.            
Elvis Impersonator: Dog gets to play the role of a lifetime.            
Tagged for Success: Boulder launches off-leash educational campaign.            
Smiling Dogs: Our newest family album! Is your dog among our favorites?

From This Issue

• Living Green - Wise choices make your home healthier for you and your dog
• Love Story - Our extraordinary love affair with dogs.