Sew It Up for Halloween

By The Bark Editors, August 2009, Updated June 2021
dog flower costume

Flower costume.

Admit it—you’ve tried your sunglasses on your dog at least once, or maybe even tied a scarf around his head. With Halloween on its way, it’s the perfect time to release your inner fashionista and really dress up the pup. Break out the measuring tape, pinking shears and pins and kick it up to the next level. Commercial patternmakers are ready to help —stop by your local fabric store or go online for some cuter-than-cute ideas. Visit for some ready made patterns.

Dog Flower Costume

This very easy flower costume consists of a collar made up of two rows of different colored petals on a green band, with a little daisy hat to match. The petals can be made in any range of colors to suit your taste and your dog. It is best to make them from felt, as felt is easy to use, soft to wear, quite durable and does not fray. For small dogs, use small petals, and for a larger dog, increase the size and use more of them. *Lily— our aptly named flower model—is a little Yorkshire Terrier with bags of character. Download the PDF for full instructions.

Materials (for small dog)

  • 10 in. white felt
  • A small piece of thin elastic to fit under your dog’s chin
  • 10 in. green felt
  • 10 in. yellow felt
  • A small piece of Velcro® fastening
  • Green sewing cotton (optional)
Article first appeared in The Bark, Issue 50: Sept/Oct 2008