Show & Tell: Buddy the Catsitter

Ten years ago one of our barn cats abandoned her four kittens in the yard. We tried to make her take them back, but she kept leaving them in the yard. The kittens were getting weaker and weaker. I called the vet to see what special care they would need. She said besides feeding them we would have to clean them up after each feeding.  Kittens cannot do bathroom duty on their own. That is the mother cat’s duty.


So my 6 year-old-son and I took on the duties of bottle-feeding and cleaning.  We set up a schedule that every few hours we would feed them with a tiny bottle of goat milk and wash the kitten’s bottoms. So we began what would be our schedule for the next several weeks. As we attended to one at a time, we would set them on a towel and heating pad to dry off a bit. Our Cocker Spaniel appeared on the second feeding/cleaning and started to help. HE would lick them clean and then nudge them to HIS belly, where the kittens promptly started to suckle! HE was such a devoted babysitter. After the kittens fell asleep, we would put them in a basket to keep them warm. Buddy would lie by the basket and when the kittens would wake up he would come and get us for their next feeding. He was quite the worrywart.



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Thank you Buddy for all that you gave everyone while you romped this Earth! We love you and miss you. --Marcia Pockat, Ripon, Wisconsin


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