Show & Tell: The Puppy Nanny

Our wonderful three-year-old, wool-coated Labradoodle, Atticus, loves puppies beyond words. As you know, not all adult male dogs share that affection. But our boy has a preternatural fondness for puppies, so much so that the trainer we use, who also boards him when we travel, refers to him as her “puppy-nanny.” 

A neighbor on our block in the Upper West Side of New York City recently got a miniature Schnauzer puppy named Rufus. Like most four-month-old puppies, Rufus is a pistol; and like most Terriers, he plays hard. But no amount of ear-biting, belly-crawling, sumo-wrestling, or you-name-it stymies Atticus. He’s game for it all. Period.

Well, on the day this shot was taken, a group of more than a dozen bystanders stood around watching in amusement as the these two played on the sidewalk. They really went at it—so much so, in fact, that Rufus eventually pooped out and decided he needed a nap. And where better to lay his puppy-head than on the fluffy paw of his big friend? Which he did. Whereupon Atticus thought it best to protect him by placing his other paw over him. To boot, our boy kindly looked up when asked. And, voilà! This shot resulted. OK, Karen took it with an iPhone, not the best quality. But still, I think it’s priceless. 

—David Ballon and Karen Reisler, NYC, N.Y.



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