Simplify Summer with Swiffer

By The Bark Editors, June 2019, Updated June 2021

Dogs plus hard-surface flooring equals lots to do, especially during the summer months when days are long and full of activities.

The question is (borrowing shamelessly from Will Shakespeare’s Hamlet): To vacuum or not to vacuum—to ignore mini-cyclones of dog hair and tracked-in grit or haul out the big gun. Happily, there’s an easier option: a Swiffer Sweeper armed with either a heavy-duty Dry Sweeping Pad or a Wet Mopping Cloth.

Living with a dog is incredibly satisfying. It also ups the cleaning ante, and it’s easy to put off dealing with it if doing so requires a heavy appliance. The Swiffer Sweeper has a big advantage: it’s quiet, light, sturdy and doesn’t have to be plugged in. Plus, it’s versatile. Attach one of the Dry Sweeping Pads to trap and lock in 2X more dust and dog hair. Or, if grit or grimy paw prints are the issue, use one of the Wet Mopping Cloths, which have powerful dirt-dissolving cleaners. When the dog hair, dust and debris have been corralled, toss the cloth and voilà: a floor that’s once again bare-foot-friendly. And for the dust that flies around, the Swiffer Duster comes in mighty handy, trapping and locking in pet dander in unparalleled fashion.

While they might not know it, dogs benefit too. They’re vulnerable to some of the same allergens that we are, and they’re much closer to the surfaces where those sneeze-producers congregate. A quick once-over with the Swiffer goes a long way to reducing their exposure.

Swiffer Dusters and wet and dry refills are available at your local Sam’s Club or Stock up today and be ready to tidy at a moment’s notice—maximum cleaning with minimum effort. And make it a point to enter our Summer Sweepstakes for a chance to win a $200 Sam’s Club gift card, a Sam’s Club membership and a suite of Swiffer products. Click for details.