Smiling Annie

By Melanie Hajacos, March 2011, Updated June 2016


Annie is a pit bull mix we rescued a year and a half ago. We couldn’t believe it when she first showed us her smile after only one evening with us. She greets everyone with her grin, whether it’s her “daddy” returning home, friends/family stopping by for a visit, or a friendly stranger approaching her to say hello. Naturally, being a pit bull there are times her “grin” intimidates and scares some initially. Once they learn it’s a grin and the amount of love she will immediately shower someone with, their demeanor instantly changes. It’s actually a cool transformation to witness at times.

For Christmas my uncle was kind enough to share his photography talents and take some great pictures of Annie. After taking nearly 200 photos, we felt we had some great shots. I made a collage poster (20x30) of the best shots for my husband and had the poster framed in a barn-wood frame. It is prominently displayed in his bathroom so he can start each day gazing at Annie and her adorable smiles.

Ever since we rescued Annie I’ve been dying to share her smile with the world, but didn’t know how to do that until I stumbled across your book, Dog Joy, on I couldn’t have been more thrilled and excited. You can imagine my excitement when I went to your website and saw the link to share smiling dog photos. OMG!! Of course, I ordered the book and I have also subscribed to your magazine and can’t wait to receive my first issue. J

Thank you for doing what you do. The dog smiles I have seen on your website so far have brought so much joy to my heart and put smiles on my face over and over again. As someone who has been dealing with severe depression this year, I can’t tell you how therapeutic your work is for someone like me. There is not much in the world that can make me smile right now, but dogs can always do the trick. I will be bookmarking your website and visiting it every day now to start my day with a smile and warmth in my heart.


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Dogs are truly god’s gift to mankind and there is nothing in the world from which one can receive as much unconditional love as a dog – at least in my humble opinion. J

So thank you again for the work that you do and bringing so much joy and happiness to so many people in the world. You are truly a gift to others and so fortunate to have such a wonderful career filled with such passion.

May you continue spreading love to others for an incredibly long time.

Lots of wet dogs kisses and warm dog hugs,

Melanie Hajacos

Article first appeared in The Bark, Issue 64: Apr/May 2011