Smiling Dog: Annie

By The Bark Editors, November 2018

Dog's name and age: Annie, 2 years

Tell us the story of how you adopted your dog? With my car being in the shop, a neighbor offered me a ride to the garage to pick up my car. I looked in the backseat of their car and to my surprise saw Annie! The next day I had a note on my door that read "Come meet Annie properly". I took them up on the offer and went to meet her straight away. When I sat down next to Annie, she put her paw on my leg, looked up at me with those big brown eyes and snuggled. I knew she had chosen me. We introduced her to my other dog Comet and they loved each other. It's like they've lived their whole lives together. I found out that she started off her life being dumped in a cardboard box in a field where she was lucky to have been rescued. It's a blessing every day to have her she brings sunshine to my life!