Smiling Dog: Ava

By The Bark Editors, November 2018
Smiling Dog Ava

Smiling Dog Ava

Dog's name and age: Ava, 2 years

Ava's Adoption Story:
After losing a beloved Pit Bull/Labrador mix and finding myself ready to consider getting a new dog, Ava appeared on a rescue group's page. She was a mess. Ava had a prolapsed rectum, heartworms, and was underweight but even with all that she was grinning from ear to ear.

How was she named:
After going through a list of names and Ava seemed to fit best because she's beautiful like Ava Gardner. Her nicknames include Nugget, Nug, Little Bit and Ava Jean the Beauty Queen 

More Ava: She loves to play with her brother and cousins and loves to nap deeply and she snores loudly.