Smiling Dog: Bear

By The Bark Editors, May 2019

Dog's name and age: Bear, 1 year

Adoption Story:
I work as a veterinarian nurse and one afternoon we got a call asking about a Staffy puppy they had found in an abandoned warehouse. The person who called in was confused and it was actually a different clinic that had the puppy. They were taking Bear to the nearest pound after recovery. I felt really funny for the next hour and just knew I couldn’t let him spend even one night in the pound! I called the shelter not knowing anything about the dog and offered to foster him. The moment I brought him home the family was completely smitten and so was he. When it came time for him to be put up for adoption, we couldn’t do anything but keep him! He’s made our lives one-thousands times better.

Bear's Tricks: 
His most lovely trick is when you ask for a hug and he wraps his arms around your shoulder!

More Bear:
The thing that I cherish the most about my dog is that he truly is there for me no matter the situation, and I’m there for him equally. He comes to work with me, he is my shadow at home, he sits in silence with me on the hard days, and truly responds to my emotions. He is also uncontrollably cheeky and has a mind of his own. His favorite thing is pushing his ball under the couch and then yelling loudly about it so I pay attention to him. We then proceed to retrieve the ball together, his tail wagging and my personal space not existing. Rescue dogs truly have the most incredibly unique characters.