Smiling Dog: Bodhi

By The Bark Editors, April 2019

Dog's name and age: Bodhi, 8 years

How was your dog named? Bodhi was named after a school project my son worked on about a chosen festival. He picked the Buddhist holiday of Bodhi Day that celebrates the day that the historic Buddha, Siddharta Guatama (Bodhi) experienced enlightenment.

Bodhi at Work: Bodhi loves going to work, she rushes to her office bed each day anticipating her welcome to work treat!

What does Bodhi like? Bodhi loves to play, snuggle, go on hikes, kayaking, horseback riding and road trips. She loves to lie on her back, legs splayed wide open, belly ready for any passing rubs. She also has this amazing super powered ability to leap which effectively launches her into flight!