Smiling Dog: Brinkley

By The Bark Editors, October 2018

Dog's name and age: Brinkley, 1 year

Can you tell us what inspired the name? Brinkley is the name of the Golden Retriever owned by Tom Hanks' character in the 1998 rom-com, You've Got Mail. After watching that movie, Brinkley's mom knew she wanted to name her first Golden Retriever Brinkley. What sealed the deal was that Brinkley's dad knew where the name came from too!

Brinkley's likes: Brinkley loves food! He especially loves apples, carrots, watermelon, hard-boiled eggs, steak, and bacon. Though he is not a picky eater by any means. 

His dislikes: Vacuums and baths

Best of Brinkley: His curiosity and unwavering loyalty. He is affectionate, playful and his love of people means that he is always just a few feet away. Brinkley is a sweetheart.