Smiling Dog: Buffy

Adoption Story
By Buffy's Person, February 2018

It was love at first site. The moment I laid eyes on him, I knew he was the one for me. He had such a nice smile and kind eyes. We had a great time jogging across the parking lot on our all-too-brief walk before we had to return to the pet supply store hosting the shelter adoption event. I had no doubt we would be besties.

But the female human was another matter entirely. After the male human with the nice smile left and returned with her, there was a distinct scent of uncertainty in the air. And phrases like “I know we talked about getting a dog after we got a house, but we’ve only been in the house 5 days. We haven’t even unpacked anything yet.” And “How did you even end up here when you were going to the home improvement store over a mile away?”

She must also have been enamored with him, as they were soon filling out paperwork and a few days later the male human came to the shelter and took me for a ride in his car. My first taste of freedom after months in the shelter! It was wonderful! But soon we arrived at a strange house with that uncertain female human. They really hadn’t unpacked anything yet. I quickly decided to help motivate them by gnawing on the corners of all the moving boxes. My assistance went completely unappreciated.

I didn’t know what the human’s “work” was, but I didn’t like it. It meant the male human left me all day and the female human (who did this “work” thing from home) couldn’t play with me constantly. Without anyone to entertain me, I got bored.


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The female human did not like the activities I found to aid my boredom. No matter what I tried –  fixing the new sofa cushion, nibbling on the fun ink pen until it made pretty designs on the brand-new area rug, eviscerating my bed – she disapproved.

The female human’s female human (called Na-na) was upset by my redecorating improvements to their brand new house, and urged her to take me back to the not-Home-Depot. I couldn’t hear the whole phone conversation clearly, but I did catch phrases I didn’t understand, like “not a no-kill shelter” “twice owner surrendered” and “much lower adoption rates for black dogs”. Finally she ended the call with “I can’t just return Buffy. She’s not a sweater!” She then got me lots of toys that I was allowed to chew!

The male human did the work thing all the time. Most days it would be dark when he left and dark when he returned. My humans had recently moved very far from all their friends and family. I heard the female human tell the Na-na that she was very lonely and didn’t like this new place, as it was hard to meet people when a person did the work from home. I think that was part of the reason she didn’t return me like a sweater. I may have been “challenging” but I was good company and made her laugh a lot. Plus, she was forced to do social things to keep me from continuing to redecorate the house. We went on daily walks, met other neighbors with dogs and through Meetup we discovered several nearby dog parks. These were great as I got to run as much, far and fast as I wanted! The female human now has lots of friends too!