Smiling Dog: Charlie

By The Bark Editors, January 2018

Dog's name and age: Charlie, 7 years old.

More about Charlie:

Charlie is a super special. She is a sensitive girl, but she is also our most nurturing out of our pack. When my son was born four years ago, Charlie did not leave his side. She slept on the ground next to his crib, and still sleeps under his new big-boy bed. While I was pregnant with my son, Charlie was my little shadow. She has a gift of sensing emotions and is always around when she's needed for that extra cuddle. She is very protective of our home, and will bark at all visitors just to let them know, "hey, this is our home and you need to follow our rules." But just the same, once she feels comfortable, she is the most affectionate and loving. Our family is heavily involved in the rescue community. I am the rescue coordinator for our local municipal shelter and my husband assists with assessments. We are always bringing home foster animals, whether it be a puppy, kitten, or full grown dog, Charlie is always so welcoming and let's our new temporary resident know they are safe with us.