Smiling Dog: Gabby

By The Bark Editors, August 2018

Dog's name and age: Gabby Rain, 3 years old

About Gabby's name:

Gabby’s name was given to her by the rescue group she was adopted from. Even though her people liked the name, they expected to change it. But they quickly discovered how much Gabby liked to talk! She'll chat by making all sorts of cute noises and adorable little howls, the name Gabby just seemed to fit. To make it special, they added Rain to her name, to remember that it rained on her car ride back to her forever home.

Adoption Story:


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Gabby was rescued by Small Breed Rescue of East Tennessee which is a foster based rescue group in the Knoxville, TN. Before being rescued, Gabby was kept outside in a backyard 24/7 and used as a breeder. She had a rough two years of life so her new family tries to make sure she is happy and comfortable. She now has the nickname “Queen Gabby” because Gabby is the queen of the castle!

What does Gabby like? 

Few things beat a good belly rub from Mom or Dad. The first thing Gabby does every morning is flip onto her back to "ask" for a belly rub. Of course they happily oblige! A good game of “catch me if you can” or chewing on a deer antler sure come close.