Smiling Dog: Georgia

By The Bark Editors, July 2019, Updated June 2021

Dog's name and age: Georgia, 8 years

Adoption Story: Nine months after my sweet Lily died of cancer, I started looking on PetFinder. Georgia was rescued by PAWS New England and was scheduled to be transported to the East Coast for an dog adoption event in Connecticut. When I met Georgia, she ran up to me, a little pudgy ball of energy, she was irresistible!

Once adopted and ready to go, we tried to use a car harness and Georgia was upside down and backwards in 10 seconds. So, my significant other carried her home on his lap and Georgia promptly fell asleep.

She was named after one of the rescue fundraisers, a little girl who had a lemonade stand. I'm glad I kept the name "Georgia." 

Photo: Reader submitted photo