Smiling Dog: Harry

By The Bark Editors, July 2019

Dog's name and age: Harry, 4 years old

Adoption story: Over the holidays, I had to say goodbye to my senior dog after spending almost 17 years together. The loss was profound and I planned to wait at least six months before adopting again to let myself heal. I sorely missed the daily routine of life with dogs, so when a local foster group put out a request for volunteers, I signed up. I was assigned a terrier mix, Terry. Soon after, it was obvious—Terry (Harry) and I were not destined for the adoption fair circuit. We had found each other, and I was ready to commit!

More about Harry: Clicker training was new to Harry—but he caught on quickly and he absolutely loves it. It’s so much fun for both of us and we've really bonded over it. Harry is not a morning dog, so he enjoys a slow start to the day with lots of snuggles.

Tricks: He dances on his hind legs whenever he’s excited. It’s pretty adorable.