Smiling Dog: Honey

By Denise Josey, April 2019

Cuddle aficionada, treat enthusiast, charming canine.

At an estimated age of three years, Honey is ready to live her best life. She’s past the puppy stage, past chewing on the next best thing. She’s a young adult now, giving off an air of sophistication and confidence. She knows what she wants in life, and she’s going after it: a forever home.

Honey is currently residing at her local animal shelter, through which she has been able to add some worldly experience to her curriculum vitae. She has met four-leggers from all over the county, has heard many different barks and howls and has even been exposed to feline culture. Her stay has taught her to see things from different perspectives, and she feels she would enrich her new family’s everyday lives with her free-spirited personality.

True to her name, this sweetheart wears a honey-colored coat with summer-ready highlights and is blissfully unaware of her beauty, exuding dog-next-door charm and an effortless flair. If she had to point out what she likes most about herself, Honey would pick her caring personality, with which she hopes to win over her new family.


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Family. That coveted forever family to give her the loving home she has been dreaming of. For Honey, it’s all about the little things—a soft spot on the couch, some delicious food in her bowl and good company to share a bark with or to snuggle up against.

Honey finds joy in the smallest gestures, from ear scratches to cuddle sessions, and manages to smile even on post-spay cone days. She hopes her positive attitude and feel-good spirit will attract like-minded humans whose day-to-day lives she can infuse with happiness and a sense of companionship.