Smiling Dog: Joaquin

By The Bark Editors, December 2018

Dog's name and age: Joaquin, 6 years

Adoption Story:
We heard about him from an Australian Cattle Dog rescue. They learned he was in an outdoor cage in a so-called “kill” facility in the agricultural San Joaquin Valley but it was an 8 hour drive from the group. During that time, every day workers there would look into his soulful eyes and say “No, you live!”. Finally, a volunteer with a light plane flew down to get him and his cell mate. When we met him he was full of beans, but clearly a soft even temper. After a few walks he won our hearts as well. Now I don’t know who is saving whom. 

More about Joaquin:
Joaquin loves to run with the pack at the dog park! Gets them all going, and then cuts in and around them in tight happy circles. He met and fell in love with his forever girlfriend River, a cute blue heeler, at the local Farmers Market. Love at first sight! We exchanged contact info and the dogs began to set up play dates using our social media. That was 4 years ago, and they are still total sweethearts. River’s “people” call Joaquin their son-in-law.