Smiling Dog: Lola

By The Bark Editors, September 2019

Dogs name and age: Lola Mae, 9 years

Nicknames: Lo, Loli Girl, Lola Bean, Bean Bean

Adoption Story: I was searching for my first dog after I started college. When I went home for the summer, my mom and I went to our local shelter to see the dogs. As I was walking through I saw two spotted Dalmatian mix puppies that I adored. I asked to see them and as I was kneeling down waiting, a little blonde/tan puppy was hiding in the corner of the next kennel. I just had a feeling I needed to see her first. When they opened the kennel she came running out and literally straight into my arms. It was in that moment I knew she was my Lola! I took her home that day and she’s been my baby girl ever since, the dog that made me a dog mom! I cherish the bond she and I have. She was my first fur baby (I now have five dogs!) and nothing can replace that. Lola has a personality like no other dog. She’s truly one of a kind.