Smiling Dog: Lucky

By Denise Josey, June 2019, Updated April 2021
Available for Adoption at Weatherford Parker Co. Animal Shelter in Texas (

Available for Adoption at Weatherford Parker Co. Animal Shelter in Texas (

He fetches balls. He sits when asked. He shakes hands. Labrador mix Lucky is a polite gentledog with good manners—as one would expect of a canine his age. He is estimated to be seven years old and is mature, patient and well-behaved, but he also loves going for walks, playing fetch and running around the yard like a youngster. If that’s not the best of both worlds, what is?

Lucky is a live-in-the-moment, carefree kind of four-legger, and so he is always happy to have visitors who keep him company during his stay at the animal shelter. He knows he is a little down on his luck right now, but—in true Labrador fashion—he likes to look on the bright side: He has his own kennel with his own bed to sleep on, he has food and water and he has people looking after him.

And he has a yellow ball that he can chase after and take back to the two-legger who threw it, waiting for it to fly through the air again, so he can run after it, maybe even catch it midair, and proudly put it at his human friend’s feet, so it can be thrown again. And again. And again. He even has a pool to cool off in during play sessions, together with his yellow ball, of course—can’t risk losing his most valuable possession.

Easygoing Lucky also enjoys accompanied strolls on cool, summer mornings that allow him to take in the fresh, crisp air before the temperatures rise, detect the scents of others who have walked the trails before him and experience the companionship he values, and misses, most of all.

Rumor has it that Lucky would drop his yellow ball without thinking twice about it if it meant he would get his loyal companion and forever home. Being the optimistic good boy that he is, Lucky firmly believes his adoption day will come. Until then, he’ll splash in the water to his heart’s content, fetch that ball over and over again and show us all how to live in the present.