Smiling Dog Photo Contest

By The Bark, March 2012, Updated April 2020

Send Us Your Smiling Dog Photo!

We're presenting proof positive that dogs not only smile, but also laugh, grin, snicker, and even share jokes. All goofy, silly, happy, sweet and endearing pups should apply. We pick some our favorites to appear in our weekly e-newsletter and others to appear as "Daily Smilers" on our website. See them here.
Share fun details about your pup! We would love to get more information about your dog. You do NOT have to answer any of the questions. But doing so will allow us to consider your dog for our e-newsletters. Thanks so much for sharing this charming photo with us.
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Information About Your Dog
To have your dog's photo considered for one of our weekly Smiling Dog emails. What we'll need is some more information about your dog. How they became apart of your family, what they like to do, and of course what makes them smile! Of course, share with us fun and interesting stories about your dog! Answer as many questions as you like. All questions below are optional.
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