Smiling Dog: Piper

By The Bark Editors, December 2017

Dog's name and age: Piper, 4 years old.

Piper's Adoption Story: My boyfriend and I had talked about getting a dog for a long time but we were never quite sure if it was the right time. Then one day, I came home from class and my boyfriend was cleaning the apartment and asked a simple question, "Do you want to go get a dog today?" So, we did! We were walking through the kennels when I stopped to read about her. I squatted down and she looked at me for a little bit from the back. Then she came up to the gate, pressed herself as hard as she could against it so we could pet her through the door, and we knew she was ours.

What I cherish most about Piper is how she helps me. She is so good at knowing when I am stressed or upset for any reason and she knows exactly what to do to make it better. If I am sitting, laying down, or even standing, she will find a way to get on top of me. She'll press herself into me, climb her front paws up my chest, lean on me, anything to put her body weight on me. She has the power to completely reverse my emotions and keep me calm. I can feel how much she loves me when she does this. Even when I'm not upset, she'll do it when we go to bed as her way of tucking me in. It's me and then Piper, right on top of me.