Smiling Dog: Sadie

By The Bark Editors, November 2018

Dog's name and age: Sadie, 6 years

Sadie's Adoption Story:

She was handed off—pregnant—by her original owners to a truck driver at a truck stop in Pennsylvania. They said that they had a new baby coming and were unable to keep her. The trucker kept Sadie until she gave birth to the puppies and then turned her (and her puppies) over to a local rescue. From there Sadie traveled to Connecticut where she was fostered by her new family.

The family had recently lost their senior cat, leaving Sammy, their older black and tan dachshund grieving. It was decided that Sammy needed a new butt to sniff. Within an hour of meeting Sadie, they became foster failures and signed the adoption contract. Sammy cheered right up!