Smiling Dog: Sarabi

By The Bark, January 2018

Sarabi, 5 years old

Tell us the story of how you adopted your dog?

Our previous Pit Bull of 13 years passed away and we were ready to fill the void that was left behind. We reached out the Missouri Pit Bull Rescue and met with some of the dogs that they had available. Sarabi was doing great in foster care with the cats so her foster mom brought her to meet us. My husband and I were sitting on the floor and she came barreling into the room and runs to my hubby's lap. She plopped down on her back ready for her tummy rub and gave lots of kisses. She was the perfect match for us and our two cats.

More about Sarabi:

Sarabi loves playing with her long thick braided rope with knots. She will fling it into the air and try to catch it! Sarabi will also lay with you on the floor on her back, paws in the air, ready for tummy rubs. But her favorite thing to do is give kisses and she thinks everyone she meets could be a puppy who is in need of a face cleaning.