Smiling Dog: Sarah

By The Bark, May 2019

Dog's name and age: Sarah, 5 years

Nicknames: Sarah Bella Boo, Bella Boo Boo, Boozer, Snorebear

Adoption Story: About six months after our beloved Border Collie passed away, we were ready for more puppy love. We looked online at the humane society website and chose to meet Sarah (formerly Snowflake). I met her and instantly fell in love! She walked right up to me and plopped down in my lap. Before being rescued, she had been abandoned on a country road outside of our town; she was emaciated, had heartworm, mites, tapeworm and had recently had puppies. We adopted her during her recovery from her spaying and heartworm treatment.

More Sarah:

Sarah loves her walks where she does what we call "checking her email," catching up with what the other dogs in the neighborhood have been up to.