Smiling Dog: Scout

By The Bark Editors, December 2017

Dog's name and age: Scout, 7 years old

Scout's adoption story:  

My partner and I went on a trip to a non-profit animal shelter I've previously been to in Louisiana. We were not planning on adopting a dog, and if we "left with a dog," my partner wanted a young one. Walking through the shelter, all the dogs were barking except this one older hound dog. He was in a kennel next to a very aggressive German Shepherd (because he was the only one who did not pay attention to her). He was laid out on his back relaxing. When we got to play with him, he just rested his head on my legs and showed nothing but affection. My partner and I had to think about bringing a non-neutered male dog home because of my small older female dog. Scout had skin problems, an ear infection, cuts and scars, a split ear, and muscle loss in his hips.

But he seemed like such a good match that the next day we went back and picked him up. Scout is getting healthier with treatments and has a ton of energy due to feeling better. He is always smiling!

Scout's nickname: Handsome