Smiling Dog: Sniffy

By The Bark Editors, November 2019

Dog's name and age: Sniffy, 13 years

About Sniffy: Sniffy is a "lifer." He is a thirteen-year-old dog who has been at the League for Animal Welfare shelter since he was brought in with a group of abandoned puppies in 2006. He was a black dog in a sea of adoptable dogs and always got looked over. He became bonded with another dog, Nellie, over the years but Nellie passed away in 2018. Now Sniffy is alone; he doesn't make new dog friends very well and mostly just wants to rest outside and watch the world go by. But the folks at the Encore Enrichment Center for Shelter Dogs rightly believe Sniffy still has value and could still be someone's senior companion. They have taken him to the center, given him some attention and affection and a much needed bath. We think he appreciates it! Read more about the important work being done at the Encore Enrichment Center for Shelter Dogs.

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