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Smiling Dogs Now Have a Book!

By The Bark Editors, December 2009, Updated June 2021

 We've included some of the actual pages from DogJoy for you to view above!

The Bark has published thousands of smiling dog photos in the magazine and online—for the past 8 years it has become our readers' favorite feature. Now, DogJoyassembles the best of the pack—presenting proof positive that dogs not only smile, but also laugh, grin, snicker and even share jokes. Highlighted by personal stories and peppered with charming observations, the collection includes a foreword by best-selling author Ann Patchett. With over 500 delightful photographs, DogJoyproves that there is no greater happiness than seeing a beloved dog smile—dog lovers everywhere will adore this wonderful collection. Find out how to get YOUR dog on the cover, see below. Click here to see a sample of DogJoy. Order online at


Look at them squirming and rolling and leaping and laughing and let them do what dogs do best: give us an effervescent dose of wordless euphoria.
—Ann Patchett, from the Foreword

“What an uplifting, beautiful, funny and tremendously cute collection of portraits of our very best friends giving us their very best faces. Incredible! Adorable! I want all of these dogs for my very own, but, of course, that’s impossible. Having this book is the next best thing!”
—Margaret Cho, Comedian

“This is one of my favorite books … you’ll love it!”
–Bonnie Hunt

“Feeling a little blue? Take two DogJoys, and call your friends in the morning … and tell them that this exquisitely uplifting book will brighten the darkest day!”
—Patricia B. McConnell, PhD, CAAB, Author, Tales of Two Species: Essays on Loving and Living with Dogs.

 “Dogs know the secret to happiness, and DogJoy proves it—my dog Earl smiled all day, and it was contagious. It’s one of the reasons we love our little guys.”
—Patrick McDonnell, Creator of MUTTS


ISBN: 978–1–60529–730–9
Publication Date: October 15, 2009
Format: Hardcover
List Price: $16.95/$21.99 CAN
Size: 5" x 7", 192 pages
Click here to see a sample of DogJoy