Smiling Steadman

By Cory and Jessica, March 2011, Updated February 2015


We are so happy to show off our little Steadman in Bark Magazine! Many families acquire beagles without realizing the attention, exercise and love they actually need to be healthy and happy dogs. Beagles are very intelligent, loving, thoughtful, and have the most adorable personalities. It’s obvious how much we love both our beagles and we couldn't imagine life without them!

Steadman was named after the British illustrator Ralph Steadman. His hobbies include long walks, playing catch or tug-of-war with his teddy bear, snuggling under Daddy's chin, and he enjoys fresh green bean treats or homemade frosty paws ice-cream in the summer. He loves playing with his big sister Bailey and keeps her young and happy when we aren’t around.

Before joining Beagles of Arizona Rescue Club we found our beagles at the pet store. We took one look at Steadman 6 years ago and couldn't leave the parking lot without him. Since then we’ve become educated about puppy mills/pet stores/breeders and will never again purchase a dog from such a facility. There are so many wonderful dogs waiting in shelters and rescue groups for their 2nd chance in a loving forever home!

Cory and Jessica
Phoenix, AZ

Article first appeared in The Bark, Issue 63: Feb/March 2011