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SNL’s Funny Dog Skit

Who’s your dog’s inner human?
By The Bark Editors, November 2019, Updated June 2021

This past weekend, Saturday Night Live presented one of their more delightful and silly sketches with “Joan Song,” a sweet, goofy ode from Aidy Bryant to her dog-boyfriend Doug, played alternately by a memorable deadpan senior Chihuahua and by guest host Harry Styles (the former One Direction star). Bryant stars as Joan, a long-suffering woman unlucky in love before she finds a hot new guy, I mean, dog. Joan sings the endearing qualities of her sweater-wearing Chihuahua and wistfully ponders what kind of man her little dog boyfriend would be. Next thing you know, he transforms into pop sensation Harry Styles! It’s surreal and amusing and try as he may, Harry can’t really compete with that adorable dog. Have you ever wondered … who’s your dog’s inner human?