A Stroll Through the Dogosphere

What’s your favorite dog blog?
By Lisa Wogan, October 2009, Updated February 2015

Do you check out blogrolls? For me, taking the time to explore blogger-recommended blogs is the Internet equivalent of wandering around a thriftshop—a time-destroying treasure hunt filled with loads of disappointments but enough surprises to make my trackpad-induced Carpel Tunnel Syndrome worth it. (Several hours at the Goodwill yesterday yielded a still-in-the-box Washington Mutual Teller Doll. I wonder what that’s worth on eBay?)

But I’m talking dog blogs here—and that's a pretty big bucket because many bloggers (the best, in my opinion) follow their dogs far afield. My favorites are mash-ups—dog-centric blogs that touch on behavior, nature, family, culture, politics and art. I like to learn something. I like being surprised and even shocked, and I love photos. Can someone at a behavior/science blog explain why I can spend so much time looking at photos of dogs?

As a result, I’ve added a few new entries to our list of blogs we love, including a couple by Bark regulars—Dogged by Christie Keith (author of Pet Food Confidential, The Bark, July 2009) and Dog Bytes by Mark Derr (author of Darwin’s Dogs, The Bark, February 2009).

Mark introduced us to a blog by Scottie Westfall called Retrieverman, which serves up a satisfying stew of politics, dogs and biology. Anyone who embeds a video of Sir David Attenborough and a sloth (pronounced soath by Sir David) earns an instant bookmark from me. For similar reasons, at least initially, I’ve bookmarked Smartdogs' Weblog (recommended on Retrieverman’s blogroll). The musings of a self-described “middle-aged dog trainer and gentleman farmer wannabe,” this blog is all about keeping your pup’s brain busy. It currently features a classic cartoon clip of Peabody adopting Sherman because “every dog should have a boy [or girl].” Another site I find myself stopping by is Coffee With A Canine, which offers up interviews with interesting people (mostly writers) centered around two of my favorite things.


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During my recent ramble around the blogosphere, a few recent posts also caught my eye. Terrierman provided 10 tips for selecting a dog for his or her longevity, entitled “So You Want A Dog?” This is something I have never considered—adopting a particular dog because it has a chance of living longer. But the info is sound and makes you think.
Hidden cam photos of a gray fox posted on October 7 at Camera Trap Codger are definitely worth checking out. And this week's niche blog of the week? Dogs Don’t Look Both Ways, dedicated to stories, tips and information about dogs who have been hit by cars. Lots of casts and cones.


Well, now it's time to perambulate around the grass-and-hydrants universe. I’d love to hear about other sites to visit for by future cyber-wanderings.