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What makes dogs howl, yawn and hide under the bed? Researchers plumb the inner workings of dogs.


Studies on dogs following gestures.
dog with hookworms
Bad news: The parasites have evolved to evade all FDA-approved medications veterinarians use to kill them.
man with dog allergies
Scientists have identified the first step towards developing a vaccine for dog allergies.
noise anxiety in dogs
Study shows people likely underestimate their dog’s anxiety.
near death experiences for animal lovers
At the end of our lives, loved ones—including dogs—may return.
A dog and a cat snuggle up together, and are best friends.
Study suggests that pheromones can help ease interspecies conflict
Petting and walking shelter dogs.
More than walking them—petting shelter dogs is critical for their well-being
A new study confirms the influence in Labrador Retrievers
dog communication about toys
New study shows owners make dogs enthusiastic but more likely to goof
Aversive dog training techniques negatively affect canine welfare
Hannah Lim/Unsplash
Bigger dogs outdo little dogs at this one intelligence test.
University classes for fitness walking with dogs