What makes dogs howl, yawn and hide under the bed? Researchers plumb the inner workings of dogs.


dog with hookworms
Bad news: The parasites have evolved to evade all FDA-approved medications veterinarians use to kill them.
man with dog allergies
Scientists have identified the first step towards developing a vaccine for dog allergies.
noise anxiety in dogs
Study shows people likely underestimate their dog’s anxiety.
near death experiences for animal lovers
At the end of our lives, loved ones—including dogs—may return.
prostate cancer detection dogs
Man’s best friend could help save him from prostate cancer.
memory do dogs remember what they did yesterday?
Study determines if dogs get mad at you for what you did yesterday.
foster children and dogs
Dogs provide a vital, non-threatening emotional comfort to some children.
Puppies are Wired to Communicate With Humans
Genetics may also help explain why some dogs perform better than others on social tasks such as following pointing gestures.
dog aging project
Professor’s search for dogs’ healthier living, longevity drives Dog Aging Project
dogs detect coronavirus
In a proof-of-concept study led by the School of Veterinary Medicine, dogs identified positive samples with 96% accuracy.
Dogs in the study wore activity monitors on their collars for a two-week period, and their owners filled out a questionnaire on the dogs' sleep patterns.
Study sets baseline for sleep patterns in healthy adult dogs.
do dogs understand words
Say What? How dogs understand language.
mistrust of veterinarians among dog owners
When it comes to veterinary care, barriers to access, including a lack of trust play a big role.