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Thank you for your interest in The Bark’s print magazine, but we can no longer offer, or accept, new or renewal subscription orders. After much consideration, The Bark will cease publication after publishing its last print magazine this month (March 2020). This upcoming Spring edition will arrive in the mail to subscribers beginning March 28–April 4. Inside, readers will hear from The Bark’s editor-in-chief and co-founder Claudia Kawczynska—her Editor’s Letter (shortened here) explains the reasons behind this difficult decision and details our plan for subscribers who have issues remaining on their subscriptions.

For some time, it has been increasingly difficult to sustain the publication financially, and while there still remains a loyal following, the economics of independent magazine publishing have proven too daunting to continue. We will re-focus our energy towards and digital publishing (enewsletters, digital editions). We hope to enhance our website and continue to bring you quality writing and imagery that showcases the importance of dogs in our lives.

We are grateful for the interest and support you have provided The Bark, allowing it to flourish into a much beloved and respected publication. It is readers like yourself who have made this incredible 23-year run possible. We wish you and your pack good health and much happiness. Please join us for the next phase of this adventure by visiting us online at

—The Bark

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