Suffering from Nature Deficit Disorder?

Hipcamp can get you and your dog outdoors.
By Alyssa Ravrsio, August 2017, Updated September 2017

There's nothing better than a weekend camping excursion with your best friend. You get to spend quality time together kayaking, hiking, wagging tails, and barking up (the right) trees. You come back to the city sore, covered in bug bites, and absolutely rejuvenated. But think of the last time you and your dog took a spur of the moment camping trip. It's probably near-impossible to pinpoint. Why? Because America and its puppers suffer from Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD)—the extreme inability to spend time outside because all the campsites are taken.

Everyone loves camping, so campsites on public land often book up to six months in advance. Even if you and you pooch want to connect with nature, you can't. This results in NDD, whose harrowing symptoms include insomnia, restlessness, and browsing nature stock photos online compulsively.

Luckily, a new startup is on the scene to solve America's Nature Deficit Disorder. With 3.5 million users, Hipcamp creates new campsites by unlocking access to beautiful private lands such as nature preserves, farms, and ranches. It's launching all over America to give residents a totally new way to camp, even if it's at the last minute. The best part? Most of its campsites are on land previously inaccessible to the public and waiting to be explored—and pet-friendly, of course! 

Here’s how Hipcamp is getting more pups outside this summer: 


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1. Users Can Book Campsites at a Moment's Notice
America's public campgrounds are inaccessible to those who need to book emergency R&R nature time. Hipcamp offers 10,000 private campsites nationwide—and, adding thousands more every month, it’s enabling Americans to opt outside, no matter how last minute. It's the perfect solution for Americans who want to drop everything and go without having to get a pet-sitter; Hipcamp sites are ideal for pets, from rural backcountry camping to glamping where you and your dog can both pamper yourselves. 

2. It Provides Unmatchable Experiences
Here's the ‘hip’ part of each private Hipcamp booking—each offers an awesome experience that goes far beyond traditional camping. Want to explore your own private waterfall, pet baby farm animals, or learn how to harvest grapes with your trusty dog at your side? It's all accessible through Hipcamp. No tent? No problem. Stay in a tent, a yurt, a treehouse, a tiny home, a glamping tent, and more.

3. Each Booking Gives Back to the Land
While frolicking with your pup in nature, you can also be confident that you’re helping sustain it. Each Hipcamp booking allows landowners to share their corner of nature with the world, while generating the income they need to keep the land in their hands. It’s great for the environment and a gift to future generations of nature-lovers—and their animals.

Adventure is out there—and it's waiting for you and your puppy to come explore. Browse Hipcamp listings here, and we'll see you out there!