Summer Reading List

By The Bark Editors, June 2009, Updated June 2021

4 Classics
The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be
By Farley Mowat
A boy-and-his-dog-and-owl story that will charm the whole family.

Man Meets Dog
By Konrad Lorenz
This slim, witty and intelligent volume by the Nobel Prize-winning scientist is a must-read. It was the first to delve into the canine mind and also launched the debate about the extent to which the behavior of dogs is affected by their wolf ancestors.

My Dog Tulip
By J.R. Ackerley
This unforgettable memoir of a much-loved dog has no equal—be sure to read the edition with the insightful introduction by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas.

By Paul Auster
Mr. Bones, “a mutt of no particular worth or distinction,” narrates this unforgettable and poignant tale.


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5 New Reads
8 State Hurricane Kate
By Jenny Pavlovic
Powerful account of a cattle dog rescued from a rooftop, and the woman who wouldn’t give up on her.

Bonding with Your Dog
By Victoria Schade
There’s love and there’s the bond—Schade tells you how to have both.

Don’t Dump the Dog
By Randy Grim
Stray Rescue founder shares stories and solutions.

Heroic Measures
By Jill Ciment
In this novel, an elderly couple’s small, gray world is brightened by a dog.

Made for Each Other
By Meg Olmert
A compelling look at the reasons for our innate attraction to animals and the intense relationships we’ve built with them.

Coming Soon
Inside of a Dog
By Alexandra Horowitz
The latest intel on canine cognition—science made accessible and entertaining.