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Super Bowl Ad Preview: Puppy Love
A treat from Budweiser

This is a very adorable ad from Budweiser that will air this Sunday during the Super Bowl. Only "downer" is that the pup isn't from a shelter! But this well-crafted ad is sure to tug at your heart strings. Those horses are just so majestic too. It will be hard for the other ads to compete with this one.


Sue Chipperton and Deborah Dellosso were the trainers of the litter of eight Labrador puppies who appear in the ad. When training began, the puppies were just 9-weeks-old.

As they noted in People:

"The puppies reacted fabulously to the Clydesdales," says Chipperton. "I was amazed at how brave and outgoing they were around these huge horses. They wanted to engage with them and were very excited to be in their presence." (Who wouldn't be?)

And it was the animals' interactions that made the TV magic, says the dogs' trainer.

"It's special because the connection was natural, it wasn't forced … a sweet moment from a gentle horse and an adventurous puppy." says Chipperton.


Claudia Kawczynska is The Bark's co-founder and editor in chief. thebark.com
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Submitted by P. Brown | January 29 2014 |

Best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Chris | January 29 2014 |

Love this commercial! You can't go wrong with a puppy and these beautiful horses. Thanks for making me smile.

Submitted by Carolyn | January 30 2014 |

What's not to love? Clydesdales! Dogs! Beautiful setting! Storyline! It had me first frame at "Puppy Adoption." Geniuses behind this commercial for sure.

Submitted by Anonymous | January 30 2014 |

As usual, a great commercial. Made me smile...thank-you.

Submitted by sally | January 30 2014 |

I share the love of animals w/dad who passed away 10 yrs ago. Clydesdales were some of his favorites. Dad would have loved this as much I do!

Submitted by Sally | January 31 2014 |

Animals are precious. But that dude is the real "sexiest man alive"!

Submitted by Robin | January 31 2014 |

I love these commercials, I smile and cry at the same time!

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