Things I Love About My Dog

A list in progress
By Alison Pace, February 2012
  1. She likes to use my ankle as a chin rest.
  2. She is fond of nectarines.
  3. She smiles. She really does.
  4. An empty yogurt container can entertain her for the better part of an afternoon.
  5. She has no problem with sleeping in.
  6. She responds to several nicknames including Carlie, Noodle, Noosie, Noo-del, Rosemarino, Carleen, Carlata, Shamu and, occasionally, Le Pamplemouse.
  7. Before I met her, her personality was described to me as ambitious, and this truly fits her.
  8. She is very busy.
  9. She is the most curious dog I have ever met.
  10. If I am at my desk for more than three hours in a row, she will go to the bathroom door (the farthest she can get from my desk and still be in my apartment), take a running start and hurl herself into my chair legs, repeatedly, until I leave my desk.
  11. She snorts.
  12. When she wants attention, she does what I call the chomp-chomp. She bites at the air, twice, with an additional burst of growl.
  13. She loves my dad.
  14. When she is pleased she will slide one side of her face across the floor, tail in the air, while grunting.
  15. Did I mention she likes to use my ankle as a chin rest?
  16. She taught me squirrel is a verb.
  17. Carlie’s coat is supposed to be straight, but hers has a curl to it.
  18. With new people, she keeps it close to the vest.
  19. She is not wild about little children, but she is kind to them.
  20. About two weeks after I brought her home, Carlie and I were walking on Lexington Avenue. A woman, who was by my estimate well into her eighties, stopped me and said, “I had a Westie.”  I smiled. Her eyes filled up with tears and she told me, “She was the love of my life!” Now that I know Carlie, I can understand how that would be true.

Photo by Amanda Jones.