Three-Legged Dog Idol

Worldwide casting call and competition to find tripod star.
By Lisa Wogan, July 2009

One of my favorite all-time Bark covers is from the July/August 2006 issue. It features Clover, a two-year-old, three-legged Border Collie with a flower garland around her neck and a hint of drool. (While still a puppy and a stray, Clover had been hit by a car. Thanks to the intervention of Pets Unlimited, she got the surgery she needed to go on to a happy life on three legs.)

So, I totally get the appeal of casting a tripod in a movie—as is the plan for the role of Scraps in the still-to-be-filmed “Lucky & Rich.” Of course, not just any three-legged dog will do. No, this star will be drawn from a “worldwide,” Internet-assisted casting call—111 tripods in the running—and like everything these days, the public is invited to vote for a favorite. Voting closes on July 31, and any nominee to receive more than 1,000 votes goes to the next round. Eventually, 12 finalists will go nose-to-nose in an online competition called “Three-Legged Dog Idol.”

The winner will play the furry sidekick to a homeless New Zealander named Rich, who falls in love with a Czech street girl named Lucky in the picturesque streets of Prague. The canine star (and his or her guardian) will be working on location. While I’m beginning to feel that too much is decided via Survivor-style competitions these days, I do love any opportunity to celebrate these lovely, “scrappy” three-leggers. If you’re a fan of these wonderdogs, check out the contestant videos and read Dana Standish’s story on taking care of your three-legged dog.

Lisa Wogan lives in Seattle and is the author of, most recently, Dog Park Wisdom.

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