Tips For Getting A Service Dog

By Autism Home Support, July 2018
Courtesy Autism Home Support Service

Make Sure You Can Handle It

Like any pet, a service dog is a big responsibility. Be sure your family can handle the financial, emotional and physical responsibilities of having a service dog in your lives.

Research the Agency Thoroughly

Look into whether or not the agency you’re working with is a member of an organization such as Assistance Dogs International. In addition, look into the agency’s standing with the IRS and Better Business Bureau.


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Always Get Referrals

Ask the agency if it can provide you with some of its existing customers for referrals. If it’s reluctant or unwilling to do so, it’s a sign that the agency isn’t all it claims to be.

Ask About the Breed of Do

Dog breeds with calm, quiet personalities such as Labradors or retrievers tend to make the most successful service dogs. Ask the agency if it can provide you with information about the breed of dog.

Remember That Dogs Will Attract Attention

Taking a service dog out in public almost certainly will draw a lot of attention from other people, so be prepared to answer questions about your service dog. Also, be aware that people will want to interact with you and the dog.

Service Dogs Are Here to Work

Having a service dog is not like having a regular pet. Service dogs are trained to help you with everyday tasks and provide support, so think carefully about whether or not a service dog would be right for your situation. 


Infographic Courtesy Autism Home Support Service