Training & Behavior

Give nature and nuture a boost; fetch tips, tricks and insights from the pros. The payoff is a better relationship.


leash solution for dogs that pull - belaying
This rock-climbing technique can take your dog-walking skills to the next level.
The Best Dogs for Kids
Choose the right dog for your children by keeping these points in mind.
give dog choices
The importance of allowing dogs the freedom to decide, even in small ways.
dog smiling with teeth
There’s more to a dog’s smile than meets the eye.
long distance dog training
Why you should train your dog to respond to you from afar.
Do small dogs pee more often? Yes, little dogs pee more often on walks.
dogs play more when watched
New study looks at what we contribute to our dogs’ recreational romping.
training a “stubborn” dog
Don’t blame the dog—instead, figure out how to help her succeed.
break up a dog fight
Keep you and your dog safe in case of a dog fight emergency.
canine enrichment ideas
Canine enrichment, or doing what comes naturally.
Positive dog-training methods—they’re not just for dogs anymore!
Teaching Your Dog “Place”
“Go to your place,” “stand in front of me” and using platforms are favorites with pro dog trainers—here’s why you should add them to your training to-do list.
Positive dog-training methods—they’re not just for dogs anymore!
Moving away from aversive training methods to positive training methods.
Barks the Sounds that Dogs Make
Understanding dog barks, more than just noise
housetrain a dog
How to re-housetrain a dog of any age.
adult dog socialization
With patience and positive reinforcement, you can do a lot to make up for lost time.