Training & Behavior

Give nature and nuture a boost; fetch tips, tricks and insights from the pros. The payoff is a better relationship.


Teaching Your Dog “Place”
“Go to your place,” “stand in front of me” and using platforms are favorites with pro dog trainers—here’s why you should add them to your training to-do list.
Positive dog-training methods—they’re not just for dogs anymore!
Moving away from aversive training methods to positive training methods.
Barks the Sounds that Dogs Make
Understanding dog barks, more than just noise
housetrain a dog
How to re-housetrain a dog of any age.
adult dog socialization
With patience and positive reinforcement, you can do a lot to make up for lost time.
Positive dog-training methods—they’re not just for dogs anymore!
carhartt dog coat
When the weather outside is frightful, a coat can be delightful—here’s how to get your dog to wear one.
how to stop dog from peeing on christmas tree
Christmas pee? An unfortunate holiday hazard.
dog won't poop in snow
Tips for helping your dog go poop this cold weather season.
For fab holiday pictures, focus on your dog’s natural behaviors.
common dog training problems
Common dog training errors and how to correct them.