Training & Behavior

Give nature and nuture a boost; fetch tips, tricks and insights from the pros. The payoff is a better relationship.


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Christmas pee? An unfortunate holiday hazard.
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Tips for helping your dog go poop this cold weather season.
For fab holiday pictures, focus on your dog’s natural behaviors.
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Common dog training errors and how to correct them.
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Take two and double the fun
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That dog lovers should know about
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Make sure your dog’s ready and able to get the most benefit from these services.
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Learn to read canine body language
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Anthropomorphism, and its downsides for dogs.
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How the popular media mystique of wolf-dogs results in overcrowded shelters
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Study suggests that pheromones can help ease interspecies conflict
Dog playing fetch
Post-training play may extend a dog’s memory of previously learned behaviors by up to a year.